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As SwedenLux, we are inspired by Sweden, which comes to mind first with its quality of life and unique nature, and we offer you an excellent sleep quality with our premium mattresses suitable for every sleeping style.

Bed module structure;

7cm visco

7cm visco

Total 14cm visco

4.5cm feather sponge

14cm 35 density soft sponge

Module Level : 2

Springless Usage and Hardness Adjustment

Our mattresses allow the hardness setting to be changed and you can easily switch to the softness you want. Vibration inhibitors prevent vibrations during movement and provide you with an uninterrupted sleep experience.


Our mattresses adapt to the seasonal transitions and offer a comfortable sleep in all seasons at the desired temperature without compromising your sleep quality.

Updatable Structure

You can upgrade your SwedenLux premium mattress by paying only the price difference afterwards. You can easily access the comfort of choosing your bed according to your taste and sleeping habits.

Warning: In order to fully use the module features in the product details, all modules must be included completely.

It is possible to add modules later to your SwedenLux Premium service that you have.

Module 1 ;

Hard and soft double-sided surface

Springless Use and anti-vibration

Module 2 ;

Hard, soft and feather surface

2-module heat setting

Springless Use and anti-vibration

Module 3 ;

Hard, soft, soft and repulsive medium hard surface

3-module heat setting

Springless Use and anti-vibration

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